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I've looked high and low - I can't seem to find it.

Please keep in mind - this is still a pipe dream for me!

Preliminary goals for an EV that would fit my use are set to something like 50MPH (80km/h) steady, 55-60 peak (85-95km/h) with approx 50mile (80km) range.

What would I have to do/spend/build/kiss the backside of to make this happen in a ~1500lb car?

Some points to consider:

I'm going to be in need of a reversible engine, to save some weight and parasitic drag in the transmission, I'll be removing unnecessary gears.

I won't need vacuum assisted brakes, so no vacuum pumps for me. Heat will most likely be handled without the need for power from the vehicle as well.

I expect the vehicle to be mostly barren, but it will have an OEM CD/stereo setup with 4 speakers.

2 seats, b/c it's a CR-X. (1986 Si model.)

I will change all the lights to LED arrays. (Lowest energy solution for the headlights?)

Aero optimization will be considered as well.

I'm just looking at a cost vs. effect ratio here... I want to know what it's going to take, and if I'm thinking a little too far outside my limits for the project.

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