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Originally Posted by Christ View Post
Preliminary goals for an EV that would fit my use are set to something like 50MPH (80km/h) steady, 55-60 peak (85-95km/h) with approx 50mile (80km) range.
It will get expensive, and fairly quickly at that.
From everything I've read, ranges above 30 miles (especially if you need to achieve them at highway speeds) will usually require higher drive voltages (84 volts or above). You will also need a more rare/expensive controller (or even a DIY one) in order to control the higher voltage motor.

Jeff McCabe's delicious Porsche 928 conversion has the specs you're after. Even if he chose a comparatively heavy chassis and ended up with a much higher top speed than what you're asking for, it's a good starting point for parts shopping.

Jeff McCabe's 1984 Porsche 928

The Triac runs at 144 volts with a 160ah pack resulting in 100 miles of range
The Triac Electric - 2009

120-144 volts with a 100ah pack coupled to a 9" 15-25hp motor will probably net the end result you're after. But that's just a guess based on the figures that I've seen.

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