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Actually, the 9,999mpg is real! When the engine is being pushed by the wheels, the ignition computer shuts off the fuel completely -- and so if you need to slow down, using the engine for this will help your mileage.

If you need to carry speed, then coasting in neutral is the way to go.

I think a grill cover made out of a vinyl fabric (like those "bras") would be a better way to go on the grill block. As I mentioned, acrylic is great for covering the fog lights; if you have them. If you don't have them, then covering the "dents" will help you get more mileage.

Have you actually pumped 12 gallons into the tank? The most I ever have pumped is ~11.4; and typically, I put between 9.5 and 10.5 gallons. The most distance I ever got on one tank was 509.3 miles, and it took 10.71 gallons to fill it = 47.55mpg. I think if you log the actual gas you pumped, you'll find that you are getting better mileage than you think! I'll bet you got well over 40mpg on that tank.

And you really have to calibrate the SGII, so it will be more accurate! The gauge in my Mom's Prius was way too optimistic -- it said 59mpg, but in reality, I got 52.5 and 53.5; calculating with the amount of gas I actually pumped into the tank.

To calibrate the SGII, each time you fill up, hit the Home button, then More, then Fillup, and adjust the amount displayed to be what you actually pump; after you do this 4 or 5 times, you will start getting much more accurate MPG readings.

The wipers do not hardly get hit by much air, in my experience -- the front fascia (bumper, grill, and chin spoiler) deflects the air up to about 1/2 way up the windshield.

You can use pizza pans as wheel covers and figure a way to fasten them on, or you can purchase 15" snap on covers from Hubcap Mike's for ~$100 shipped.
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