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On my way to LA for the holidays...

After 70 miles, I hit 34.4mpg on the ScanGauge just before I hit stop-and-go, which continued for much of the remaining 2 hrs. Despite an hour of stop-and-go and some extra city-driving due to a wrong exit, I arrived at my sister's at 31.9mpg.

Is it accurate? I think it's close, within 1mpg in some direction. And very reasonable. I actually was able to glide on a huge portion of the first leg on rather gentle slopes that I should have no business coasting, and even without the pulse -- sometimes I would just glide from 53 to 50! It was incredible. And my flat-road DWL was set at 38mpg. I attribute a lot of this to a smooth section of I-5 between San Diego and Orange County. As soon as I got well into Orange County, it turned into "high friction" highway where I had to aim for 33-35mpg. And on that note, I-5 through LA County is a horrible drive - the road has so much "friction" that I was struggling just to maintain 27mpg, and I frequently had to floor it just to maintain 50mph!

And to think that I haven't pumped my tires in a month. The big improvement from yesterday was 1) several hours spent re-bending the cab fairing to realign some of the draggy parts and make it look a tad less amateurish, and 2) lowering the "spoiler gigante" 1-1/4 inches to make it line up with the cab fairing, with the added benefits that my rear vision is restored, and it looks much less huge and obnoxious. I'll post pix later.

Have a great holiday!
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