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What should make it even more interesting is that my car is drive by wire... BUT apparently some Ukrainians have cracked the Speed 6's ECU and can edit just about anything. The difficult part is the flashing process due some strange authentication which is common between most recent Mazda ECUs. WHICH MEANS: I can possibly reflash from a lightly modded handheld loader, with different filesets for power and economy. It may also be possible to program the smart cruise directly into the ECU!

For those that are curious, here's the page post (not English) where they tuned the a bone stock Speed 6 to increase 36 hp with just tweaks to the ECU which is pretty impressive. There is apparently enough space in the ECU's memory for another full set of maps so I can keep stock and add power for autocross (some audi chipping lets you change modes with the cruise control stalk to even a valet mode which makes your car slow). Maybe I can edit the stock maps for even more economy later...

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