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might as well be total of 12 gallons, the car is listed as having 11.9 gallon tank, and I fill it to the cap.

most refills are at E, and the gas pump icon was flashing for last 20 some-odd miles. amount I put in are usually about 11.5(ish) gallons.

I have yet to run the car dry, but I would be interested in exactly how much the car can hold.

On my next fill up, I will note how much I put in and adjust the SGII accordingly. '

One thing I must say about the Prius, is that I appreciate the MPG efficiency over time graph it provides. the SGII seems to just tell you "at_the_moment" readings, which is difficult to monitor while driving,...

Is there any way to hook up the SGII via its RJ45 connections to a PC for downloading information out of it? the instructions ever made mention of this.'

Thanks again for the input.

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