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Originally Posted by groar View Post
Hello Dustin and welcome on-board.

How much efficient is your festiva ?

Do you plan any mod ?

Don't forget to create your festiva in the garage and to fill-up the fuel log, this is an excellent tool to see how much you improve and motivate yourself.

Have fun,

Well it's really good on gas right now, I bought 2 gallons about a year ago and I've yet to burn through them. The car has yet to move under it's own power also. I'm slowly putting in the B6T motor I got from a Mecury Capri XR2. It won't get the 40mpg's most festivas do but it will get more than my SRT-4 it will replace as my DD until the weather warms up for my scooter to be ridden. Then hopefully I can talk the neighbors down the street to let me buy their festiva for my ecomod project. If not I know of a Geo Metro junkyard(AKA Heaven) that I can piece together an xfi.

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.
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