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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Of course, this long-term decline is the major factor militating against alternative energy sources. The wise old head says “Don’t panic. Ride out the peak. The price will drop off again.”

We hear about “peak oil,” but that sounds a lot like that little slogan we hear before every economic bubble bursts: “But it’s different this time.” But it never really is different.

Environmental regulations make investment in US energy infrastructure a slow and costly thing. Given that regulatory straitjacket and the long-term decline in the real price of fuels, alternatives are always at a disadvantage.
I couldn't agree more. The only part of me happy about the current decline is my wallet. Every other part of me, mouth included, is screaming for the price to go WAY back up and stay there.

If we happen to find more oil like we did during the last few booms, perhaps we will go through another complete cycle. But I'll put my money on us not finding said oil. But one thing is for sure, this cycle will end. Perhaps not this time, or even the next, but it will end at some point.

And that is a point that confounds and baffles me. The GW worshippers want us to cut back on our emissions, but then turn right around and restrict a lot of area's from having any kind of wind or solar generation on them.
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