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Thanks Darin!

That was a good idea about ramp up after thermal shutdown (or voltage). I added it to the software. Now, if things get too hot, it shuts down instantly until it cools a bit, and then gently ramps back to whatever the accelerator position is. Thanks for the sharp eyes, Darin! Too bad Curtis didn't have you beta test for them.

I don't have a voltage shutdown feature. I was thinking that because the allowed voltage would be between 12v and 156v (or so), voltage shutdown would have to be done on a case by case basis (depending on the voltage of a particular car), or it would have to be made programmable.

I'm getting close to attaching the capacitors and mosfets/diodes. The top (unattached) wire with the Anderson Connector is M-, the middle one is B-, and the bottom is B+.

The car's version will use copper bus bars instead of wire.

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kits and boards

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