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Originally Posted by extragoode View Post
So you can just remove the belt from the power steering? I have been told something about looping hoses every time I've asked.
Seems to be fine, I wouldn't loop the hoses. The twist bar in the ps control valve makes the steering wheel feel like it's hooked to the rack with a torsion spring (it is...) so it feels a little different at very low speeds. If it doesn't feel good, just put the belt back on.

Without the pump running, but with turning the wheel back and forth, you can get fluid spitting back out of the reservoir, until maybe the fluid level gets lower I guess. I have not noticed this on the s10. I have noticed this on my car, and a friend's ford, when doing lock to lock turns in the garage with the engine off, when checking tire alignment.

You know you are giving up something, assist in parking, which is usually just a convenience. Another more important thing to think about or test for yourself is how much assist your (or you wife's) particular set of arms need in a higher speed avoidance lane swerving maneuver. For me, it's fine, I'm used to it and a fast steer event is still possible, and safe, I feel.
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