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The Beast - '89 Chevrolet G30 (Cube) Cube Van
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Tach & Vacuum Gauge Installed

Well, after reading about how poeple are improving their driving skills by literally installing a piece of instrumentation on their dash, I took it upon myself to try this method and now see why many are opting for this route.

I had absolutely no idea the amount of fuel you could save alone by just installing a vacuum gauge to monitor how heavy your foot is on the pedal.

For the TBI (throttle body injection) GM guys, instead of drilling into your intake and tapping the vacuum gauge in through that route, or running t-fittings into vacuum lines, there is a 9/16" bolt just below the air cleaner directly on the TBI. I used a male compressor coupler and bolted that into this area and hooked my vacuum line directly to that. No drilling, coupler was a direct bolt-in and literally took 5 minutes.

I am noticing that at idle my truck runs at 20 on the vacuum gauge and under load depending on what I am doing and how I am driving it averages about 8-12.

At 60 km/h, I am running at about 2200 rpm and at idel 800-900.

This is a cube van with a 14' box and has a 350 5.7 liter with a 3spd tranny. Before these two installs, I was averaging 27 liters per 100/km or 11MPG. I have just installed these two pieces and switched out the old fuel filter and cleaned the TBI. I will advise on what sort of fuel savings I am getting into within the next couple of fill ups.

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