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Well, I guess I got anxious - so I went ahead and desoldered after work this morning - desoldering that LCD from the other board is a bit of a pain...

I got the 7805 off - ohm checked it again to verify my results and they were the same - I ohmed checked the new 7805 and some of the measurements were identical - so I was concerned... But there were 2 measurements that were not the same, so I figured I'd try it anyway..

Soldered everything back together (also touched up 2 questionable solder joints)- hooked it up to PC power again to make sure I didn't really screw anything up and it still worked like before

So, the real test was plugging it into the car (I had left my temp power and ground cable soldered in). So, after waiting a few mins between power off and on - I plugged it in.

And the LCD came on - and the Ver. came up and it worked!

So - the easy part is done. Now all I have to do is hook up the VSS and the INJ, and make my power and Ground a more permanent set up. I should hopefully have it done by the end of the week. Thanks again for the inputs.
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