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Conspiracy Theories - I LOL'd...

I thought the same thing - but if there is a more efficient way somewhere out there to create compessed air... or anyone can think of one, it might become a viable solution...

I have an idea... get a box truck that is environmentally sealed... open it up in the coldest climate possible at sea level, then have it transported to the warmer climate somewhere in Detroit... the result (once the air warms up) will be compressed air... In fact, it will be a large volume of air at just slightly more than atmospheric pressure... which isn't going to do squat. Ok, I'm done. LOL.

BTW - if you can design the cam to make enough power with low enough air use, an air-powered lawn mower is cheaper than gas-powered. The reason is that you can in fact get 20 gallons of air @ 120 PSI for 75cents... which should be enough to mow your lawn... a gallon of gas is $1.52 (nat ave.) so unless you can mow your lawn on half a gallon of gas, you benefit from the air powered mower.

*This, of course, considers that you're not wasting car-gas while you're airing up your tanks.
*In some cases, it may be cheaper to use an electric air-compressor at home.
*Some people would rather use inefficient alternative fuels than pollutant "efficient" fuels.
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