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The Beast - '89 Chevrolet G30 (Cube) Cube Van
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Couple things I noticed today.....

Today compared to yesterday was lot cooler +11 Yesterday compared to -6 today. My vacuum gauge yesterday was at 20 and today it is at 16. Is cold a factor when it comes to reading vacuum gauges?


When I am at 60km/h my trucks RPM's are at 2200 and at 100km/h they are at 3000 RPM's. This is a 5.7 TBI 1989 350 with a 3 spd tranny. Seems a little high if you ask me although this truck is a cube van and is meant to haul.

Is there anyway I can lower the RPM's drastically without putting in a 4spd or swapping gears yet maintain driveability and increase fuel mileage?

I am not sure what the factory gears are in the rear-end on this truck. Something I will have to look into
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