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I, personally, am glad that I have a few of many of my tools... considering that I just burned up a $300 MAC Multi-meter a few weeks ago.

Mislabeled wires seem to be a big reason that people get hurt when working with electricity... I took wires that were marked 60DC and tested them on the DC setting, only they were 440VAC contacts in an elevator control box (brake contactors). They were only getting 220VAC, but that still caught my M-Meter, which was expecting to see ~60VDC, on fire.

After consulting the documentation for that particular elevator control, I found out that the 60DC line is a SINGLE WIRE CONNECTION that runs WITH the 440VAC bundle... it's a computer controlled line that switches the E-brake contactor in case of a voltage fault, to stop the elevator and ring for help.

Gee. I love elevator techs. Better yet, I love knowing enough to wear protective equipment even when you're working with something that (if labeled correctly) wouldn't be able to hurt you at all. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

Damn for the $300 I lost though... someone's getting billed for that one.
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