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Kid's name is Jesse - He gets shot by Johnny Tran and his cousin "Leo" I think.

Yeah, I'm kinda like that kid... I never graduated high school, and I have insomnia b/c my brain won't shut up... and sleep aid prescriptions don't help. That's why I'm still up this late, still posting.

I think about everything until it doesn't make sense any more.. it often irritates people, but I'm used to people being irritated at me for the way I think. Often times, once they leave me alone, I can concentrate enough to actually articulate a single thought and focus on it until it's clear... I'm not really sure how to explain it.

I understand things that I don't have personal experience with, mainly because I can see relationships to things that I do have experience with... even if no one else is able to make the connection. <(-- That's why I stopped citing information a long time ago.

I think incessantly, but I have trouble focusing on one thought. I often find that face-to-face interaction with people prevents me from focusing on certain types of thoughts, while other thoughts are easier to focus on.

Oh - I don't have "dreams" either. When I finally get to sleep, I reach R.E.M., but I don't dream. At least not the random images and thoughts dream that most people see...

If I have a "Dream" that involves images and sounds, like average people's dreams, they wake me up. Usually, it's a "nightmare" (or what i've been told is similar to other people's nightmares), but they don't bother me, other than waking me up. I don't forget them either.

A doctor that did my last Apnea test described what he saw of my dream process as "digital stereo signal in an analog form." Figure that one out.

Fortunately, there are 1000000 doctors out there that would gladly figure out what's "wrong" with me... unfortunately, none of them will do it free. And I'm not worried about it enough to pay millions of dollars for their tests and such.

I just tell people I used to bounce my own head off the stone fireplace as a child, and they usually leave it at that.

(PS - Yes, I did.)

(PPS - Of course Oprah is Obese... does she really need a magazine article to tell her that? Damn press, I wanted to see if a human could really pop!)
"ʞɐǝɹɟ ɐ ǝɹ,noʎ uǝɥʍ 'ʇı ʇ,usı 'ʎlǝuol s,ʇı"

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