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LOL Currently Unemployed... hoping to take care of that and be able to take time off so she can finish school after the child is born w/o too many problems.

She leaves school May, kid's coming June, she goes back to school August, finishes October. I have to be available from August till October to watch the kid at least Monday - Thursday morning-afternoon... so either 2nd shift & never see the wife, or work weekends somewhere and live out our savings.

On the plus side, I think I can talk my dad into selling me 1.5 acres of his land to put a trailer or something on. That will work to my benefit, b/c my "payment" to my dad will only be $155/month and there is no water/sewer/trash bill. Just electric and TV and I-net.

Have to wait for Wife to get out of school for that though, b/c it's already over an hour to her school... it would be 4 from my dad's house. But all the family we care to be around anymore (long story) lives up that way... so we're going back up there to get away from everyone's self-inflicted drama.

In case you're wondering why I'm so intent on being home while she's at school - I'm not into babysitters. I had them all my young life b/c my dad worked swing shifts for Home Depot... after my grandma died, I might as well have been a street kid, b/c I was never home unless I knew my father would be there or calling to check on me.

I hated babysitters then, and I'm still not keen on leaving my child with someone whose only vested interest in my child is a paycheck. It's irresponsible, IMO.

And on that note - it feels like it might be bed time... so I'm gonna lay down for a couple hours.
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