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I'm an idiot...

Hello everyone! I'm an idiot! I killed the mosfets. oops. I should have only installed 1 or 2 for testing instead of 5. Oh well, I have 5 more that I can mess with. From now on, one at a time! There are a few things that could have caused them to fail in a short circuit state that I can think of:

1. I kept plugging and unplugging batteries and stuff in strange orders, and occasionally I think I maybe plugged the wrong thing to the wrong thing. I need to label the wires. hehe.

2. Maybe I should use an actual on/off switch instead of trying to put alligator clips onto battery terminals. That might make voltage spikes as it turns on and off, especially when I did the 60v test. There could have easily been a spike of 40v over I bet. And mosfets don't tolerate going over their rated voltage AT ALL!

3. I'm an idiot.

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