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addicted to oil

This week our Federal Goverment here in the good ole' US has started crying about funds for the repair of our roads, bridges, etc. It seems that after squeezing the last drop of blood out of hard working Americans by the price of gas, groceries, services, etc, the people just can't afford to buy much of anything anymore. I know that the $4+ gal gas really affected how my wife & I live. So we conserved & conserved till it hurt. And so did alot of the rest of the country. Now the price of gas has dropped to all time lows. We don't use as much, & personally since finding this site I never will. Being fuel is lower now, we can afford a few luxuries once in awhile like a candy bar. So since we all use less fuel, big brother says it doesn't receive enough revenue to keep up the roads. So they want to add another fuel tax on us. A 50% increase at that. And they're also encouraging the states to do that same thing. My county in our state is one of the poorest. It's one of the largest, but mostly farm land with one of the least population per capita. So our roads aren't the greatest. And about half of them are gravel at that. those higher taxes would never benefit us in any kind of way. About a year ago, we were accused my the Bush Administration as being "addicted to oil." Ha, ha, what a joke. Since breaking my so called addition, the govt is crying the blues now. Just for their information, commodities still haven't lowered & groceries are still high. Everything was fine until the greedy ones started raising the prices of fuels just over speculation or what "could" happen. Such as hurricanes, etc. But when some speculations fell thru, the cost of fuel remained high to add to the pocket books. Things were OK before, so why add taxes. When it's ever going to end?

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