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Ever seen hot rods with the "scoop" pointed towards the windshield and ending right near the base of the windshield? They do this as a "ram air" setup due to the forces shown in the aerodynamic pic on p.1. At the base of the windshield when you are traveling at a decent speed air is trying to force its way down and into the back of the hood. Even firebirds came with this stock in the late 70's and 80's.

As for venting the hood by raising it. I believe this works well at slower speeds. Seen it help with cooling problems on 4x4s that saw trail use and slower speeds.

A person I knew had overheating problems in arizona while one a trip. He stopped at some podunk place and asked "cooter" if he could put louvers in his hood. They did it for a decent price and it fixed his cooling problem. It was a mid '80s toyota pickup that was hauling a huge load. The louvers were formed into the entire middle of the hood but not directly in the center line where the main support is. They didn't go within back 1/4 of the back of the hood (towards the windshield). Basically air would come through the radiator then up and over the motor and out the louvers.
There are louvers on a number of vehicles that comes that way from the factory. FJ40 landcruisers have some by the way on the back corners of the hoods but that seems to be to there to help more with slow operating speeds with high loads. seen them on other cars but can't quite recall which ones...grand am?
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