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Push Ups

This is a way way off topic question, but here it goes. I am 20yrs old and had surgery on my left wrist for a ganglion cyst, the cyst has not come back. The doctor predicted it would, but after initial swelling it has never come back. Unfortunately it appears to have migrated to the other wrist. I do not wish to have surgery performed on my dominant hand. I can not afford to have it rendered useless either by a doctors mistake or my own. Assuming that the range of motion on a wrist is a 90 degree angle up or down I am in bad shape. I have less than a rough guess 65 degree range of motion before it hurts like crazy. Even without weight or pressure it will hurt. I use a computer all day which does not help, I usually wear a brace or use a support for my wrist so not to have it in an improper position. My question for you is what is an alternative push up I can do which does not involve movement in my wrist. I have tried doing it with a fist, but it hurts my knuckles so much I barely get past 10(I haven't been able to do push up is nearly 5-6yrs without pain so I don't get much practice) I have tried using freeweights as a base I grip so that my knuckles are not on the ground, but I fear that I may injure my wrists. Any ideas or suggestion. Sorry for the long windedness. Yes I know that you may not be a certified doctor or anything like that thus you are not liable for any suggestions given. Jees everything practically has to have a disclaimer these days.

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