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Now's the Perfect Time!!!

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I Then I tested the single 100v mosfet controller at 12v, 24v, 36v, 48v, and 60v. It worked perfectly! I set the current limit to 5 amps.

I'm amazed at how low the amps can be at high voltage to still get excellent performance. It's also amazing that all that power is going through a single mosfet!
Ooooh, Ooooh, Pick Me!!! No, Wait... I mean, you gotta try something!!! This is the perfect time to do some research on something I've been hearing about, but haven't seen any real proof yet.

Could you try running the bike wheel at different voltages, but with the same WATTAGE? I hear that amperage is preferred over voltage, and vice versa, but just realized that you could find out what kind of power the wheel has at the different voltages if the wattage is the same. You know, like 12v/10 amps vs. 24v/5 amps and so on up to 60v/2 amps. These would all be 120 watts. I would REALLY be interested!

This might not prove anything but how that particular kind of motor works, but it would still be neat to know!!!

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