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Losing the MISinformation
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Originally Posted by roflwaffle View Post
Yeah, Grumman bought some VW diesel engines/transmissions to drop in the smaller all Al vans. They were slow as dogs just like any other VW diesel of the era, especially autos, but were supposed to get ~30+mpg w/ ~1000lbs of carrying capacity. Here's some more info.

COOL!!! That's quite a site there. You learn something every day!!!

Thanks, roflwaffle!

It looks like the Kubvans and Kurbwatts may have been a predecessor of the LLV... Hey, Schultz! Can you find out anything for sure from your side???

Looks like with the aluminum body, that the curb weight isn't too bad, either!

...a person still might want to get the thing for swapping into something more aero, and sell the aluminum... if that isn't like a Cardinal Sin...

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