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Originally Posted by basjoos View Post
Modifying the shape of your front end can also reduce the toll your vehicle takes of the smaller wildlife (birds and bugs) as it travels down the road. That rounded front and low stagnation point on the front of my car sends them over rather than into the front of my car. Since modifying my car's nose, I haven't had to clean dead bugs off the front of my car. A large moth or beetle might make a rare impact on the windshield, but these impacts are few and far between (most of them go over without impacting) and everything smaller flows over the vehicle without impacting.
I cannot agree with you more. I did not do drastic changes to the front of my Metro, but it is very clean and rounded since I modified it. I noticed I no longer get the dead bugs all over my windshield. I also have almost hit several birds, but before impact, the birds would fly upwards and over the car.

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