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A few products I didn't know about until after making my first one

OSRAM OSTAR - 200 to 450 lumen 38deg output, being used in in the headlights for the premium edition of the 2009 Cadillac Escalade

Lamina Atlas - Slightly cheaper than the Endor Rebel and it doesn't require a lens.

An array of ten 200-400 lumen LEDs might be suitable for a full size vehicle, but that would get kind of expensive considering they're roughly $20 each.
My lighting requirements were fairly minimal since I was installing the headlight on a moped that already had a fairly weak headlight.
Even the addition of LEDs to a traditional halogen headlight would be beneficial since the color of the LED light makes reading street signs noticeably easier.

Current hurdles of power density will eventually be overcome by the manufactures. Expect newer individual models capable of reaching 600 to 700 lumens within the next year or two.
A few manufacturers already offer PCB array units capable of 800+ lumens @ 23 watts.

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