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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post
I've heard that people really like the 5 cylinder Mercedes engines.

I have actually seen a few older Mercedes for sale lately, but I really don't want to drive one of those. A Benz engine in my truck though - hmmmmm.

I can get a 1.6l VW non-turbo for $500. I was talking to a guy earlier tonight on the phone. He said those engines were great, if there were ever problems, it was from people not maintaining them. I have also heard that they are real easy to work on and have lots of potential for modification.

I also mentioned using an engine from a Bobcat to that guy, and he said that technically, it might not be legal to do. Since I have already been talking with all the people over at emissions testing, I did find out that diesel swaps are practically a loop-hole in the state of Wisconsin. If you put a diesel engine in a gas car, you don't have to get tested for emissions at all. Yet an electric car still does....
The problem there is that in Wisconsin, it might be fine - but according to the EPA and NHTSA, it't illegal to bypass the OBD-2 system in favor of ANY swap that still uses emissions controlled fuel.

I wouldn't worry too much about it, for obvious reasons, but just a heads up, just b/c the state doesn't say anything doesn't mean the fed won't.

PS - those VW engines aren't bad, they're just weak and slow LOL. They're great and reliable, yes, but if planned on hitting 50MPH with anything in the bed, you better have a long straight stretch LOL.

Ok, maybe that's exaggeration - but you get the point.
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