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Originally Posted by captainslug View Post
Even the addition of LEDs to a traditional halogen headlight would be beneficial since the color of the LED light makes reading street signs noticeably easier.
Humm... I'd noticed this with the LED headlamp (I mean the light's on a headband) I use when biking. Anything reflective - street signs, road striping, cateye reflectors, etc - looks incredibly bright. I'd put it down to the fact that the light source was so close to my eye that I was getting near 100% of the light reflected directly back to me. But if you get the same when the LEDs are in a normal headlight, maybe it does have something to do with the color of the light. I think I remember reading that the actual LED is blue or even UV, and that excites various phospors to give a white spectrum. So maybe excess UV is exciting the reflectors?
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