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I don't have 12 12v batteries. I only have 6. Boohoo! I think you do don't you, Ben? Can your motor handle 144v? Do the brushes need to be advanced at all? I know Darin said his was good to 120v without messing with anything (according to Jim Husted). Your motor is beefy like his.

Assuming the design continues as it is, it will be able to be run at any voltage from 12v to maybe 156v, but I don't think I'll be able to test it much above 96v without burning up my hub motor. I also could test it in the car at 72v, with it jacked up so that I could hook up the oscilloscope. What I need is a laptop and portable oscilloscope. Once I knew it worked well at 72v, maybe that would be enough information to ship it over to you to try it at higher voltages? We'd have to make sure it was as bug free as possible, because it would be tougher to fix little programming issues or whatever because of the distance. We should definitely be sure that the current limit is set to something safely under what the mosfets can handle in the testing phase.
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