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One thing that I've seen skipped (not saying cptnslug did) is the reflector housing. Getting the light is easy, anyone can make an array of 20 LEDs outputting the 9007 spec of ~1500 lumens at 55 watts (low beam). Setting the pattern properly so its not creating glare for others or yourself... A friend and I created an eight LED array, but we had problems with adequate beam overlap/coverage and range. We didn't want hotspots in our beam pattern. It might have been the LEDs we were using just had poor light angles (can't remember specs). So far I haven't seen DIY setup that can match any of the 900x series light specs for pattern and light output without consuming pretty much the same amount of power.

I'm no light expert, I just spent the last hour reading about candle, ft-lum, lux, and certainly learned a bit. Given what my car/truck outputs with the 9007 bulbs, the area it covers on the ground ignoring reflectivity, I haven't seen a LED that can match the ft-lumens needed for driving. Not even sure what the 9007 spec is measuring or how.

I think I've brutally confuzed myself. hmm. I still want to create a LED headlight using (thinking outloud now) something in the 30W array with a culminator and projector lens. It's okay if I sound silly, I never took optical physics. Maybe I should.

Random: the Audi R8 is 100% LED now. not much detail about the headlights currently, expecting better news in the following month.
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