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^blueflame is on to something

Why do you think exercise would help? Ganglion cysts are pockets of escaped synovial fluid and don't have anything to do with the flexibility of your ligaments, the toning of your muscles, or stabilizing action of your tendons. They can't "migrate", and are only removed if they get large enough or painful enough to restrict normal activity. I have a tiny one on my ankle that doesn't affect anything, but can sometimes get itchy, or pinched when I laced up shoes.

If you are getting joint pain in a normal range of motion, then you SHOULD NOT BE EXERCISING THAT JOINT.

A normal healthy wrist has a range of movement between 100 and 160 degrees. The symptoms you describe are classic carpal tunnel.

Your seating posture, desk position, and computer chair are probably NOT setup in an ergonomically sound manner. A wrist brace will not help correct those problems, and in fact may make secondary problems worse through restricting the circulation of blood to your hand and wrist.

Is your back upright and straight when you are sitting at your computer desk?
When sitting up straight, is the surface your keyboard is on at the same height (or close to) the height of your belly-button?
Or is the height of the surface your mouse is on level with your elbow when your upper arm is at your side?
Fix your working setup, or see an occupational therapist for help.
Originally Posted by Christ View Post
They are mostly (anaerobic) exercises, where you're forcing one part of your body to work against another part.
I think you mean isometric. Anaerobic is exercise done in a state of mild oxygen depletion (your muscles get a burning sensation from lactic acid buildup).

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