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Originally Posted by dentprone View Post

Have you found any lexan yet? TangoCharlie said you may need some for the enclosure. Let me know what your specs are and I'll try to dig up a sheet to send you.

I haven't found any yet. Ebay had some, but it was pretty expensive and I haven't ordered it. That would be really really helpful!

For the car I'm estimating:

12"x8"x0.25" (bottom of controller)
12"x5"x0.25" (top. It will need room for heatsink, but I don't have that yet.)
12"x4"x0.25" (side)
12"x4"x0.25" (side)
8"x4"x0.5" (back)
8"x4"x0.5" (front)

I can cut it later once I get my mill.

I was thinking of drilling all the sides into the front and back, so I put 0.5" thick for front and back, to give more room for screws to go in. Do you think 0.25" would be OK for putting small screws in? If so, back and front could be 0.25" as well.

It's no rush, because I don't have the parts for the car's version yet. Also, I'm planning on getting a basic mill for cutting the lexan and for precision etching the heavy copper PCB. I should have the mill and controller parts by the end of Feb. I really appreciate your willingness to help! My wife says thank you, too! If the lexan is too much, even one of those pieces would make things that much cheaper. Thank you!

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