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Hey Yaristock, I also suffer from ganglionic cysts, on the outside of my right wrist, at the base of the connection of the bones running to my first and second fingers. Mine were never as bad as you've reported yours, and I have never been to surgery for them, they have always burst on their own. I got my first one when i was 13. The docter told me they are caused by joint stress and repetitive motion. Dear reader, I know what just popped into your head, and you may be right, lol. This was about a year after I started playing the pipe band snare drum (similar to DCI style drumming) regularly as well. Whatever the cause, the first was by far the largest, growing to protrude perhaps 1/3". Wrist movements past about about half my range of motion were painful to impossible depending on the size that day. The pushup position was painful, but doable, then one day while doing a pushup, the thing burst. It was moderate-high pain for 1-2 seconds mixed with surprise, followed by complete relief of any symptoms. They have reoccurred 5 or 6 times since then, (I'm now 25), each time less severe, and bursting at a smaller size. I still play the pipe drum, and am now in the military so I still do my share of pushups. I haven't had one in at least 3 years.

I've read the treatment for these things used to be to strike them with a bible to burst them, that they usually resolve themselves and that simply draining them with a syringe is often effective. I hope your doctor tried these things before the surgery (not the bible). Feel free to message me if you think I may know anything of interest to you.
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