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Well - I would stop burning my trash, but for the following:

There is no local trash pickup here.
None of us can afford to truck our trash to the local dump to dispose of it "properly".
As is the case with many rural areas, there hasn't been any implementation of recycling programs either. It's more like "if you want to recycle, you'll trouble yourself to do it.", which usually means that it doesn't happen. Many people around here at least, *most of which drive trucks, and go right by the area that accepts cans and bottles and such for recycling*, can't be bothered to keep their recyclables around long enough to send them down the way.

I've talked with town officials about implementing some sort of local recycling center, and they're more critically thinking about ways to stop people from speeding through town, and using the state police to do it. (No local police either.)

With this thread, I plan on letting it run it's course, then organizing the info into a sort of table or whatever that will showcase the many different ways that things can be re-used effectively, even if it's just one thing, one time.

By the way - good reuse for any plastic compound that you're probably using right now - Fleece. (Which also makes a very good form of fiberglass composite for non-structural pieces.)
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