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I think part of the cost is the mounting kit. Zip-tying through the radiator fins has always seemed a bit sketchy to me. Is that mounting style really strong enough to last another 15 years?

Also, I'm hesitant to scavange from a junk yard. We use this truck to pull our rafts around, and some river access points are via pretty rough dry washes or are hours of dirt road away from the nearest town. I would hate to be working hard to pull the trailer at 10mph and have my fans give up the ghost. I want to try to boost my mileage, but don't want to get stranded for the effort.

What I saw at Autozone's web page for buying new looked like ~$160/fan and ~$80 wiring kit, all without the mounting hardware. Coyote X, could you point me to a link for a high-quality product that is more cost effective?
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