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Originally Posted by 12voltsolar View Post
We don't have organized trash collection in this part of Maine either but we do have a dump / transfer station. My wagon does a good job actingas a garbage truck.... Except I bet there are not many AWD garbage trucks that get mpg's in the 30's. You sound very resourcefull I bet you can find a solution better then an open fire. Maybe you could make a proper incinerator? It is important we all need to try creative approaches to solve dificult problems.

Where do you live and when do you have open burns I'll be sure to stay the heck away!

Good tip on the fleece, our nylon 6 & 6.6 is a bit differnt but check out Eco-mills the make great fleece from plastic water bottles!

Ok here is a reuse tip for your list. I cut the bottom off from windsheild washer fluid jugs. They make great scoops to spread sand & salt mix (free at my town muni lot) on dirt rd. I reuse 50 gal drums from work to store the mix at the top of each steep hill, my neighbors are happy with my efforts.
Eh, they've been burning trash around here in fire pits for over 100 years.. no one has had a problem so far. LOL.

I understand that it's not "proper", but who would really be troubled to buy/use an incinerator when they can burn it free in their back yard? Sure, I could design/build one, but to what end? The guy that owns this house wouldn't even use it. Sales and Marketing, I'd have no capital investment for, so that's a moot point. It would essentially be a wasted effort at this particular juncture.

I do like the idea, so maybe I'll blueprint it for future use on my own home though, even though I don't plan on having non-recyclable trash for the most part.

That's my ultimate end - to find a way to reuse/recycle EVERYTHING I use/buy/etc.

It can be done, it's just that many people "can't be troubled" to step outside their own reality and see that things don't have to be the way they are... I feel it's my job to kind of help usher them along a little bit, especially considering that it takes no more energy to toss something in the recycling than in the trash.. it's just slightly to one side or the other (most cases), so you have to adjust your aim.
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