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Fireplace food 2.0

Hey MetroShultz -
Sorry it is not that I didn't pay attention; it is like my wife says I was only half paying attention.... I've always enjoyed your posts; you impress me as a great guy!

What I misunderstood was when you had mentioned "My paperwork from owning a small business is there too. I have to keep it till 2011, then it becomes fireplace food. When we go to the grocery store we get paper bags. They fold back up and store easily, can be re-used a brazillion times,
when we have too many they get fed to the fireplace."
You are clear that is a Fireplace food and not and open burn. I start my wood stove with the local free paper that shows up in my mailbox even though Iíve tried to cancel it and wrote NO FREE PAPERS on my mailbox...
(Oh I got to use the brazillion bit the other day, thanks for that)

Christ -
Not trying to beat a dead horse but I'd love to help speed up the path to your "Slowly gaining consciousness..." my guess is the reason Shultz's town would fine him is most likely because burning trash is nasty... and not environmentally smart.
You mention that "they've been burning trash around here in fire pits for over 100 years.. no one has had a problem so far. LOL." You cannot justify air pollution by saying that other people have done it for years, it doesn't make it OK. Companies used to pour chemicals into our air and water but we all know better now.

Well I've made my appeal and hope you can find a more eco-minded alternative. I promise that I will not mention it again....

Here is a DIY paper bag with handles tip. Take two bags and some spray mount (I know I know that stuff is toxic) Super glue your favorite handle of choice to the inside of Bag A (I'd use some free rope from work, what a surprise) then spray the bottom of bag A - and around the new handles with the spray mount, insert & line up Bag B in to A and press the spray glued parts together and you have a very durable double bag with handles that could be used two or three brazzillion times....
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