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Originally Posted by jesse.rizzo View Post
On a slightly off-topic note, I CANNOT believe they still haven't added wheel skirts to the Prius. I understand the need for aesthetics, but maybe I'm weird, because I think wheel skirts look cool. Even if I didn't know or care about aerodynamics, wheel skirts make the car look slightly futuristic.
I can believe it, because I think the aesthetic association is with "uncool" cars that our parents drove (land yachts). From a proportion POV, I don't like the "big wash" of metal that a wheel skirt creates towards the back of the car (it's hard to explain).

However, it would be even more cool if they offered an "extreme-aero" kit as an option. The car could have all the "holes in place" and ready to go. That way, you wouldn't have to go to the aftermarket :


They could corner the "prius chat" niche market in one fell swoop.



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