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In search of mpg
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Thumbs up Hello, ye' Hypermile Heros!

Well, I'm new to this forum but guess I've employed some basic hypermiling techniques without even knowing it (pulse/glide mainly). Anyways, I have a 1998 Nissan Sentra 1.6L, 4door, 5spd manual with ~165K on it. Most of my driving is in the 50-60mph range with a daily commute from Raleigh to Ft. Bragg, NC (45 miles one way) across county roads/highways, minor rolling hills, and a couple small towns. I also drive occassionally up to Hampton/Norfolk, VA on I-40/95/VA-58 (200miles one way).

I haven't modded the car at all but generally get about 38mpg during the workweek. Figured I would check out this forum to see how much better I could improve this car while it still has some life in it (btw, very low maintainence so far). Interested in some computer hook-ups to manage the engine a little better, modding the air intake, and perhaps a few other easy DIY mods if possible. Really wish I could convert the car into a hybrid electric but that is beyond my available time and money.

So, looking forward to researching, engineering, and hopefully sharing some positive experimental results back with the group!

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