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that Xa has a toyota yaris/fitz/echo drivetrain, look stuff for that car. DO NOT disconnect the t-stat, that will kill your mileage. further; OBD2 vehicles will instantly see the problem, set a code, turn on the MIL and revert to standard fuel maps that are MUCH LESS effiecent that when the vehicle is in closed loop (full operating temp in a certain period of time, very sensitive on the 1.5 next gen controller, read pcm) and is actually using the HO2S (heated oxygen sensor) modern oxygen sensors have to be at 900 degrees or better to be accurate so PCM's are programmed to ignore them until the temp is reached, hense the heated sensor; to get them there quicker. this is also why honda's have thier HO2S right in the manifold within 2 inches of the exhaust valve, to get hot FAST. the 2007 PZEV civic goes into closed loop from cold start in 22 seconds !!! now thats a nicely built car.

a side note on the Xa, while yes it has slightly poor aero features you CAN change some things to help yourself out.

1. make sure you have iridium plugs in the engine; the echo's will set misfire codes even if thier not missing without iridiums, same engine.

2. THINNNNN oil.

3. follow other advice from others here on the forum, but be cautious, if it trigger's a CEL (check engine lite) then it's not doing good things. a CEL ONLY comes on if the federal test protocol emissions CAN (not are; CAN) go above 1.5 times the manufacturers test results.

any questions let me know. we work on six of these cars and they have some interesting changes from year to year and trim levels.
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