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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Yeah, and Fargoans are subjected to police roadblocks on a regular basis, the stated purpose being to nab drunks. And while they inconvenience many and nab very few drunks, they keep on doing it, the ******* commie *******. Land of the Free my ***.
Yesh, we have the road blocks inspired by Hitlers third reeich, but ya ever notice that even during the day there is atleast one popo per block? Serioously, crimes NOT a problem in this town, wasting money on bacon sure is though. BOOOO ****ikng fargo booo!!!

I guess i woudnl't mind all them piggies if they would help citizens in need, but I've seen (and helped) 3 cars in the ditch this month, and every single one, a piggy drove by with out helping. Serve and protect, **** that. Harrass and generate revenue? Fo' sho!

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