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Metro Hoarding 101 - also: Metro pickup trucks!

Hi Y'all,

I'll try to keep this intro short and sweet. I just discovered your site while looking at ways to improve my 1990 Metro's MPG. I have several of these little buggers and plan to fix them up and sell most of them when gas hits $4.00/gallon. Yes, that is my evil plan.

If you have any fuel economy ideas for my Metros & Swifts that won't compromise safety or longevity, please pass them on my way. After two knee surgeries, I prefer automatic transmissions (which EAT GAS ), but a stick is OK for long trips. Thanks.

Here is the list:
1990 Metro 2Dr 3-Cyl/5-spd no A/C
1989 Swift GTI DOHC 1.3/5-spd (Retired Race Car - restoring to street)
1989 Swift GTI DOHC 1.3/Auto (Retired OK Unmarked Police Vehicle)
1989 Swift GTI DOHC 1.3/Auto (Parts Car w/9,500 original miles)
1990 Swift GT converted from 1.3 SOHC to DOHC 1.3/5-spd
1992 Metro Convertible 3cyl/Auto A/C (Summertime Cruiser)
1998 Metro 4Dr 1.3 SOHC/Auto A/C (Daily Driver)

I'll be seeing you,

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