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I hear a few of you saying to leave it to the pro's. I mean, how hard can it be?? Surely not rocket science. The pro's had to start somewhere. Had they not, they wouldn't be doing what they're doing. I have experience with auto & MC decals. I've used the soapy water technique for those also. I had a friend have his box van windows tinted for security reasons. When he got it back it was already purple to begin with. It cost him alot of money too. I believe I could pull it off on the pickup rear & quarter windows. I never had to trim the decals. I would imagine you use a razor blade. Do you just squeegee it out as far to the edge as possible, let it dry, then trim? Also, what kind of squeegee is involved. Is it a special tool, or just something like a filler spreader used in a body shop. That's what we used on the decals. And does it scratch very easily? I have nothing but time, so if it screws up, I'll just take it back off & start over.
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