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Pinching pennies until they SCREAM!

Thanks Y'all!

I do plan to mod the '90 Metro 2dr. Originally I bought it as a body donor for the parts GTi. The 3-cyl engine was shot. I pulled the drivetrain and am building a smooth 3-cyl for it now. I'll make that my work commuter car and sell my 4Dr Metro. I want 50mpg!

Gee, I sure miss that '02 Jetta TDI that I had - 48mpg in luxury and comfort. I was thinking of new valves, a high-torque/low RPM cam and the 3.51:1 trans from a 1.3L SOHC. I have three spare trannys, so I am off to count differential gear teeth in a week when I get back from FL. Next will be weight reduction and aerodynamics like an aluminum belly pan and some moon disk hubcaps.

I'll keep you posted,...
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