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You might try some easy mods first. Here are some that come to mind:

1. Replace rear end lube with a pure synthetic replacement. (reduced friction)
2. Increase tire pressure to 10% over door label recommendation. (reduced rolling resistance)
3. As you are driving a 10+ year old car, you might consider replacing all vacuum hoses. Any vacuum leak really upsets the idle quality and gas mileage.
4. Clean the intake assembly and throttle body as well.
5. If it hasn't already been done, perform a thorough tune-up on the car using high quality replacement components.
6. Switch to synthetic (or Motorcraft synthetic blend) motor oil of the recommended weight. (reduced friction)
7. Thoroughly wash/clean the entire vehicle, including the underside. (reduce weight - grime is heavy)
8. Remove any unnecessary items from your vehicle, or replace with light-weight items. Donut spare intead of full-size, 5 pound tool kit instead of 50 pound tool kit, etc.

9. The Scangauge is a very useful tool for improving your driving habits. If you are on a tight budget, maybe you could look around and find a used Scangauge I for sale.

10. If you still have the original O2 sensors on the car, you will want to consider replacing them, although that can get pricey.

Good luck.

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