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Originally Posted by TestDrive View Post
3) Check/clean all battery/starter cable connections.
This is the absolute first thing that springs to mind when anyone ever says "slow cranking" under any circumstances! It's easy enough to do (when the weather warms up from -8C, that is!) and doesn't cost a thing. And it can cure all kinds of odd electrical problems.

Unhook the ground connections and take a wire brush to all of them. The connector and the part that it connects to, both. With the battery ground still unplugged, also clean up the (+) connections on the battery and the starter. You might be surprised at the difference. (Then again, I might be surprised at the lack of difference! )

Safety note: Always unhook the battery ground first, and hook it up last! That reduces the risks of "letting the magic smoke out", or (more importantly) of having the battery short directly through your heart, stopping it.


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