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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
My commuti-car battery box was factory built with an aluminum plate box holding the batteries mounted with the bolts in slots instead of tight holes so if it's hit by another vehicle it can move up to a foot before coming in contact with other parts of the vehicle.
battery boxes should be covered and vented to the outside of the vehicle, they should also have a way to hold the batteries in place if the vehicle flips over or is hit, I've seen main battery cables run thru rubber hose as an extra insulator when they are run thru fire walls or near the other cables or areas that they might get abrasion from.
You just need to remember that your batteries have enough energy in them to move your vehicle for many miles, and you don't want that energy to be released all at once.
Excellent points all. I wish I had the money to buy one of the several of those I have seen on eBay...

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