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Originally Posted by lunarhighway View Post

one of the things i'd imagine would happen is that while the air will likely accelerate slightly at the point where the rear [sic] slopes down it's got plenty of opportunity to escape sideways or perhaps the opposite would happen, a lower pressure area behind the edge of the tray might actially suck air in from the sides... so perhaps sideskirts could maximise the effect... maybe they won't really boost fe but they should give you some downforce, wich might not be what you're after, but if you can improve a car's handling and fe at the same time that's just an added bonus.

another thing i imagine might happen is that the configuration at the corners looks like it might make vortexes... on the bright side one could hope these work as virtual sideskirts, but interferance with the body likely just turns these into drag... so perhaps some (partial) sideskirts or bending up the angles might improve things.
So you are suggesting some diffusers or fins that run the length of the belly pan in order to promote linear flow? I may be able to rivit or bolt some L-bracket aluminum or some of the scaps to the side. If I do that, I will likely have to raise the rear so maintain anough ground clearance over speedbumps and similar that I am not grounding out. I shall have to experiment a bit.

Still accepting input!
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