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Here's a homebuilt EV that I just came across:

Jason Bloomberg's 1993 Eagle Summit Wagon

The builder wrote this on the Talk of the Nation comments on the second part of the show today, which is on EV's:

Not only would I buy an electric car, but I actually already have one and intend to get another. Mine is 15 years old, goes up to 70 mph and can travel up to 50 mile. I drive it about 30 miles almost every every day. It is not a hybrid. It is 100% electric. You can see it at: Jason Bloomberg's 1993 Eagle Summit Wagon It is time that we as a nation stop being mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed manure). We should have told GM that they had to put the EV-1 back into production as a condition of their getting any taxpayer money! I bought this car and started driving it because I wanted to be putting less pollution in the air. I am working finding a way to set up solar panels and a wind-charger to offset my electrical usage (about $3.00 / MONTH) to further reduce my "carbon footprint." But, even if this was powered by the dirtiest coal plant in the U.S. it would still be generating 1/16th the pollution of the cleanest hybrid on the road.
Looks pretty good!
Sincerely, Neil
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