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Originally Posted by oldpecan View Post
better late than never - here's the little video from cnbc dot com (I hope it works for you)

Video -

aerohead, 13 mpg's for semi-trucks? that's ambitious!
Yeah,13 is a lot.The Fruehauf/International combo of the 1980s was rated at 10-mpg,but I think they only drove it 50-mph.It had everything Wal-Mart is showing,including the tires.------------ 80,000 lbs GVW and 95-square-feet of frontal area,at highway speeds is a challenge.-------------- My opinion is that a total rethink about 18-wheelers and truck freight is necessary.And that's why I'm confident it will never happen in my lifetime.So much invested already,I can't imagine anybody willing to give it up,even if it saved the country,saved the planet.Soldiers remain too cheap.
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