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How about using the exhaust to inflate it? After all an engine is an air pump. Many moons ago, in design school we "invented" a low cost shelter . Take an igloo shaped "balloon", blow it up with exhaust, keep inflated and spray water on it in fine droplets. In sub zero weather. You can tint the water with food coloring. Spray till you have a 1 -2 inch thickness of ice. Pull out deflated igloo and enjoy.
I was looking for a low cost shelter for the ice fishermen here on the Richelieu river, then I proposed the idea to the national capital Commission in Ottawa. We have after all the world's longest skating rink, 7 miles of it, and a few of these shelters could be enjoyed. At night a candle light placed inside would transform them in giant lanterns. Anyway, I used the exhaust from the water pump to inflate....I got off track....
Less IS more !
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